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About Us

Kuzhipallam Botanical Garden and Research Centre (KBGRC) was established by Mr. John Rose, Mr. George kutty and Mr. Joshy (three brothers of a family) at Nellimoodu, Thiruvananthapuram of Kerala State, India in 1972. KBGRC is fully a private property shared and managed by these people. For nearly four decades this garden has been maintaining as one of the premier establishments for botanical and horticultural activities in the private sector of Kerala. The great aesthetic beauty of this garden with its picturesque vistas, and vast greeneries serve as a source of inspiration, education, research and amusement to thousands of visitors to this garden throughout the year from India and abroad. The garden covers an area of 40 acres. Its unique landscape design initiated by Mr. John Rose, a man with immense aesthetic sense in 1995 with undulated land surfaces, artificial lakes with aquatic plants, exists as separate entity from other gardens of this kind.

Over 2,000 trees and shrubs together with thousands of herbaceous plants are being cultivated in nurseries, mist houses, green houses and conservatories of this garden. The garden multiplied and maintains various types of plants especially Hydrophytes like Lotus , Water Lilies, Xerophytes like Cacti, floricultural plants viz. Anthurium, Orchids, Gerberas etc., fruit trees, wide varieties of Ornamentals viz. Bougainvillea, Jasmine, Palms, Bamboos, Hibiscus, Roses, Ficus, Gymnosperms, Creepers, Ferns are categorised and grown in separate sectiions of the Garden for conservation and commercial utilization of planting materials. A few interesting plants of the garden worth to mention are Giant Water Lilies, Ficus krishnae, Nagalingam tree, etc. Besides, the large Medicinal Garden with more than 500 varieties of medicinal and aromatic plants cultivated over 5 acres also enrich the garden. Since its inception this pioneer and innovative establishment has made incredible progress in many spheres especially in commercial production and marketing of high value agricultural, horticultural, floricultural and landscaping plants through Biotechhnological intervention.

Our Vision

To achieve inclusive growth of rural communities through plant based activities.

Our Mission

To take cognizance of social, economic and literary needs of the rural folks in an equitable and accountable platform and implement appropriate schemes and activities to achieve social justice and S&T based overall development.